I decided to become a mindfulness and meditation teacher after discovering how effective mindfulness could be. In 2012, suffering from chronic fatigue and a host of associated conditions, I dropped in to a local meditation session at a yoga centre, undertaken more in hope than expectation, but something curious happened, I felt at home… The session was followed up by a trip to the library first thing the following morning to find out more and, in the years that followed, online courses, workshops, advice from more experienced practitioners, retreats and a whole lot more reading as I recovered. If mindfulness and meditation could help me, it could help others and so I made the decision in 2014 to train as a teacher with Breathworks CIC. Now a qualified and insured Breathworks Teacher, I am back to full health, resilient and busier than ever.

Breathworks programmes and products are a development of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and founded on practice-based research. Breathworks research on the clinical benefits of mindfulness revealed that across all scales measured (mood, pain experience, quality of life and confidence in activity despite pain), the Breathworks approach showed statistically and clinically significant improvement.